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At bkpLwe specialise in the production of commercials for both radio and television. We can offer you a wide range of facilities, using some of the best voice over artists in the country and top of the range equipment to produce your commercials to the very highest of standards. We work with you from submission of your brief to completion of the final commercial to make every step of the process run as smoothly as possible.
The Commercial Production Process
Brief received by bkpL from company,
advertising agency or radio station
Script written
Script sent to RACC if applicable
Script to be approved and signed off by client
Suitable music, sound effects or jingles recorded
Voice over to suit clients' specification recorded
Editing process on SADiE / Pro-tools workstation
Finished commercial sent via ISDN to
radio station and CD copy to client
  bkpL also offer the following services to assist with the production of your commercial:
l Airtime Planning:
This ensures the commercial is broadcast at a time when the company or product will receive the optimum level of audience and response.

Campaign Management:
The production of a series of commercials for a campaign or product and we ensure they are produced and on air for specific and relevant deadlines in order for a successful campaign.