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Male Voice Over Artists
  bkpL can offer the following Male Voice Over artists.

For further information, please contact us:
  Male Voice Over Artists
l Dave Barrett
l Kevan Brighting: strong, powerful, announcement, narrative, characters  
l Paul Daniels  
l Nick Darby  
l Peter Dickson: huge range, huge talent, diverse, characters, narrative  
l Al Duprés: announcement, friendly, chatty
l Ted Elliot  
l Charles Foster: mature, narrative, trustworthy, sophisticated, traditional  
l Pete Gold  
l Taf Girdlestone
l Chris Halford: characters, impressions, fun, bloke
l John Harrison: streetwise, northern and southern, clubby, bloke
l Pete Haslam: announcement, hardsell, chatty, smart, characters  
l Tony Hawkins  
l Simon Hirst  
l Mumtaz Hussein: Asian, translation, narrative English, presenter  
l Christopher Kent: announcement, narrative, characters, actor  
l Bob Kingsley: reassuring, narrative, smooth
l Greg Marston  
l John McGuinn: warm, mature, relaxed, experienced  
l John Mundy  
l Charles Nove  
l Danny Oakes  
l David Riley: younger, streetwise, smart
l Jack Roberts: all American, upbeat, punchy
l Marc Silk: zany, madcap, cartoons, characters, fun
l Les Smith: warm, trustworthy, narrative, presentation
l Mark Straker: young, streetwise, attractive, upbeat, bloke  
l Dan Strauss: friendly, warm, narrative, bloke-next-door, characters  
l Jon Strickland: brown, sophisticated, smooth, relaxed, punchy, narrative  
l Ian Swann  
l Richard Teideman: streetwise, estuary, southern, clubby, bloke
l Alan Turton: announcement, hardsell, plucky, experienced