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The average on hold time is 32 to 45 seconds, but it can be much longer!
While on hold 34% of customers will hang up if there is no music
The average business person spends 60 hours a year on hold
l On Hold - vital statistics

Whether you are looking for a custom-written piece of music with lyrics, background music or narrative, bkpL can produce for you a selection of audio to download on to your business' website.
l The benefits of having an On Hold programme

bkpL can produce voice overs and music for computer games. We can provide a complete range of dialects, accents and languages for any market around the world. For example, if you required a French theme, we could provide you with the speech in French language or a French accent, depending on your specifications.
l What’s included in a bkpL On Hold package

If, like us, you are in a business where a piece of audio is one of the most useful forms of promoting your work, you will know that the quality, composition and content of the audio is vital for potential cutomers. We will work alongside you in writing script for your CD to optimise its effectiveness, and the addition of carefully selected, appropriate music to play under the voice over, will help create a personal and professional impression for your potential clients.