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  bkpL has a professional team of scriptwriters who can produce an appropriate script from any brief sent to us.

We have a vast collection of sound effects and music which can be used to enhance the script to produce for you a first class commercial.

Alternatively, if you were interested in a more substantial advertising campaign, an original jingle can be composed for your business which means your potential customers will immediatley associate you with a particular piece of music and lyrics.

Regardless of your deadline, we can write a script to any specification; whether you are carrying out a promotion, selling a particular product or service, or simply want to raise awareness of your business, the bkpL scriptwriters will compile a commercial for your individual needs.

Brief Submission

If you are interested in bkpL producing for you or your company, please fill in the brief form below, and we will pass it on to one of our script writers

Name Company

Script needed for Date Time
bkpL to discuss with Sales Executive prior to writing? Yes No
bkpL to discuss with Client prior to writing? Yes No




Commercial Duration 10" 20" 30" 40" 50" 60"
Voice Preference Male Female None
Style of Voice
Music Yes No  
Style of Music
Tag Line
Phone Number Included Yes


If the phone number is grouped please tell us how
Are there any landmarks near the business that would help customers find you?
Are there any difficult pronunciations?
Do you have a Unique Selling Point? If so what is it?
Are you trying to increase your existing type of consumer? Yes No
Are you trying to attract a more diverse range of customers? If so, please explain
Is the script to be approved by phone? Yes No  
Is the finished audio to be approved by phone? Yes No  
Who are you talking to?
(Remember to think about the person)
What do you want them to do?
(Remember to keep it simple)
Why should they do it?
(Remember, the bigger the offer, the better the result)


Office use only    
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